performance Horses

Painted Lady Ranch specializes in performance barrel horses from start to finish, while the focus is getting your horse going correctly on the pattern here at PLR we train with compassionate methods and don't overload the horse while in training. Not only do we use horsemanship and +R training methods to ensure your horse has a positive learning experience, every horse is looked at systemically so they can perform to the best of their ability with longevity in mind. Every horse is treated as an individual and every barrel horse has their own style,.We know that and we let each and every horse be themselves while teaching them how to correctly run the pattern, while using their body appropriately. 

Painted Lady Ranch is passionate about training barrel horses, correctly, with love! With 15+ years of experience training and running barrel horses we know our stuff and want to help you and your horse reach those performance dreams! Here at PLR we know the ins and outs of performance horses including lameness, gut health, dental work, hoof health and so on, and we have a team of expert professionals ready to serve your horse so they can feel comfortable and confident when running down the alley. 

From jackpots to rodeos we can help you and your unicorn! Contact us today to reach your dreams!