About Us

Painted Lady Ranch

Established in 2016, PLR has opened its doors to horses of all kinds and riders of all levels. Owner/Trainer Devin Young has 20+ years of experience in the equine industry. She specializes in barrel performance horses and finishing horses. 

Why Painted Lady Ranch?

Painted Lady Ranch focuses their entire training program on the well being of the horse. PLR truly believes in caring for the horse as a whole, from feet to conformation to mental health. Our unique systemic style of caring for and training horses sets us apart from the rest. Owner, Devin, has spent years training under other professionals and graduating from accredited colleges to gain the knowledge and well trained eye to catch even the slightest physical or behavioral ailment. PLR has a network of equine professionals ready to help your horse inside and out. 

We can't wait to meet you!

Your horse will be cared for like family and will never be pushed past their limits. We truly work with each horse as an individual and use horsemanship and +R techniques when training to ensure the best possible experience for you and your best friend.